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THU APR 20 | 7:30 PM

Conrad Centre

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Edwin Outwater, Conductor
Johannes Moser, Cello

Mason Bates: The Rise of Exotic Computing
Edwin Outwater: Does God Play Dice (Quantum Etude)
Enrico Chapela: Magnetar for electric cello and orchestra

Star cellist Johannes Moser changes gear for this journey to the outer limits of space. Featuring a high-energy performance of Enrico Chapela's Magnetar for electric cello and orchestra, plus other special guests. Also on the program is Mason Bates’ short and visceral sinfonietta, The Rise of Exotic Computing. Like a self-replicating synthetic computer, the material of this work insidiously jumps from instrument to instrument. It was premiered by members of the Pittsburgh Symphony in a club called Static, so it lives quite close to the world of techno.